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For a Free confidential assessment, Please call us today at 310-870-0107.

Our expertise at Reborn Recovery is to provide you with the tools necessary to find a rehab that fits all your needs - a gorgeous and comfortable treatment facility with the right treatment program. Whether you're looking for a change of scene far away from home or in certain areas, beach town or 180 degree mountain views or city views, certain strict dietary food, personal chef, sports or group activities, gym or work out area, pool or Jacuzzi with zen meditation area — Reborn Recovery will take every little detail into consideration. Luxury accommodations are available even for the toughest of journeys, and we believe that you deserve the best.

Our primary goal is to find a treatment program and center that will give you and your loved ones the attention and care they need to live a better life. We are open 7am to 7pm and requirements we look for in a rehabilitation centers are whether they offer 30 to 60 hours one-on-one therapy sessions, available onsite nurses, a ratio of 4 to 1 client ratio to ensure no overcrowding at the rehabs, location, personal chefs, amenities and types of activities and treatment programs Struggling from addiction is already a difficult one, finding a rehab center shouldn't be. Let us help you.

Reborn Recovery

What We Look For

  • Location with beautiful scenic surroundings
  • Pool, Jacuzzi, Garden Area
  • Facility has at least 10 years of rehab experience
  • Types of treatment
  • Number of staff onsite
  • Available registered nurse
  • Single room or shared with one other person
  • Amenities and convenience
  • Onsite personal chef
  • Entertainment and activities
  • Types of group meetings and activities
  • Gym, workout room, work out area
  • Yoga, Pilates, other meditation activities
  • Alumni Programs
  • Types of Insurance accepted

Free Consultation

For a Free confidential assessment, Please call us today at 310-870-0107.